Brentec has revamped its blog site using something a little more current and relevant, WordPress. This is definitely a big improvement over the last iteration which was hard to update and took a long time to do so, and was a very manual process.

With the assistance of the fine folks at our hosting provider, IX Web Hosting, setting up WordPress was a breeze to be quite honest. WordPress was installed and ready to configure, in under 5 minutes, and that included an update to the latest version 4.1. As well, the theme for the site is called “Spacious” by Themegrill , slightly modified to suit our needs; have to give the folks at Themegrill some credit for a┬ásimple, elegant and clean design.

This new format will allow us to bring more relevant information to you quicker regarding all things related to SQL Agent Insight, SQL Server and SharePoint and the occasional rant.

Thanks, and enjoy the site and we look forward to the interaction.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Revamped Blog Site
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