Recently I had to do some maintenance on an EqualLogic PS6210XS array in which I had to connect to the serial port on the back of the device. After plugging in the USB-Serial adapter, firing up PuTTY, I was shocked that this software was not able to connect on the specified COM port. I’ve always used PuTTY in the past, to do just this along with some SSH; it truly is a great little program, but for the life of me, it wasn’t working this day.

So I did the magic on the Google for PuTTY alternatives and came across SmarTTY. I got further with this software, but for the life of me, carriage returns were not being transmitted to the device, went through all the options, was able to get connected, and issue commands, but to execute those commands I needed to press <enter> which was the only keystroke not being accepted.

So, one last effort resulted in resorting to the good ‘ol days of HyperTerminal. Downloaded that, ran it, connected, and was able to add my EqualLogic member to the group. Don’t get me wrong, PuTTY and SmarTTY are great utilities, but for some reason HyperTerminal for this day was the solution.

I’ve included a download directly below, and have linked to the page from where I foundĀ it if you’d like to read more on the program itself. Simply download, unzip and run the hypertrm.exe. It worked for me on Windows 7 Enterprise with SP1. At the time of the posting, the archive has been scanned with Avast 11.1.2253.

HyperTerminal Zip Download

Windows XP HyperTerminal saved the day!