Hey Folks,

I wanted to keep everyone up-to-date with the planned changes that are coming to version 0.17 of SQL Agent Insight (see below), letting you know that the product is still actively being developed. I’m hoping to release 0.17 by March 1, 2017.

* Update * Well, it is March 1, and the next version will not be released today. Still undergoing some testing scenarios and some last minute fixes. Stay tuned to our twitter feed @Brentec for more frequent updates.

Since this is currently a spare-time project, there are many ideas in the hopper and I would estimate 2-3 updates per year. So having said that, enjoy, and keep the ideas coming. You can reach me here and as always if you find a bug, I’m all ears.

New Features

  • Job History – now from the Agent Job Monitor, right-click on a job and get the history of said job, showing all step output, along with charts showing historical execution status, job success rate, and execution-by-execution run times.
  • Agent Job Monitor – now has an additional column showing individual Job Success Rate with a bar chart representing the success.
  • There is now a quick access pane in the main window to access ALL open MDI children (dialogs) without having to go to the main menu, selecting “Window” and then “More Windows”. This is still an option, however, with a single-click in the quick access pane, the respective form will come front-and-center.


  • User interface overhaul – flat styling, buttons and labels, along with toggle graphics instead of check-boxes. Consistency across forms, i.e. look and feel. More meaningful icons within Insight.
  • About – was referencing the graphing tool Zedgraph when this is no longer being used.
  • Agent Job Monitor – the context menu has been cleaned up a bit into sub-menu’s specific to the task at-hand.
  • Agent Job Monitor – italic fonts have been removed for readability purposes.
  • Dashboard – the tooltip for the “Healthy” column has been removed as it was “cluttering” the interface. Since you would want all metrics in a healthy state, showing which metrics were healthy was a little redundant.
  • Insight – recent time frame indicator on the status bar has been changed to an icon versus that of text.
  • Agent Job Monitor – for the “number of targets” and “number of schedules” columns, if the target value was 1 (i.e. itself) or number of schedules was zero, removed the value from this field to make interface less cluttered.
  • Schedule Summary – if the value for the “number of schedules” was zereo, removed the value from the field to reduce UI clutter.
  • Job Conflict Outlook – the splitter separating the data from the chart needed to have a minimize size to prevent the chart drawing from being too small and cluttered.
  • Target Servers Status – cleanup of mislabeled tool tips.
  • Thresholds – can now configure critical and warning thresholds for Job Success Rate for each Insight.
  • Agent Job Monitor – can now click on the number of targets column to bring up the Targets form if applicable.
  • Target Servers – can now maximize this form.
  • Dashboard – condensed “like” cards, e.g. both healthy metrics into one card.
  • Dashboard – can now maximize to fully utilize entire screen if needed.
  • The servers pane (enumerated, connected and recent) on the left of the main interface can be toggled directly from the pane itself.

Bug Fixes

  • Agent Job Monitor – for jobs that run at exactly the time of a clock change on the server, SQL is known to populate the sysjobhistory table with a large negative value, therefore affecting the output in the average run time column, potentially showing a time with asterisks (*) in it.
  • Job Conflict Outlook – similar to the bug above, large negative run times for jobs within the sysjobhistory table were affecting the average run time column in this view.
  • About – a user was able to close the form without accepting the EULA. This has been resolved.
  • Main Configuration – a user when able to check the option to “Show monitored servers dashboard on startup” and then clicking apply, but going back into the configuration would show this option as unchecked.
  • Job Conflict Outlook – when a user right-clicked on the table without right-clicking on a job, the job name becomes “…”, this is by design. However if a user clicked on the option with a “blank” job name, an unhandled exception would occur. This has been resolved so that these context menu options are disabled until a valid job is selected.
  • Agent Job Monitoring – fixed some coloring issues for  link type cells when row has been selected.
Upcoming changes to SQL Agent Insight version 0.17