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SQL Agent Insight
Version 0.10.5395.0

But wait! There's more!
The following are considerations for features in upcoming releases:
  • x64 bit native executable.
  • Automatic job scripting to file on a schedule.
  • Notification of long running jobs.
  • Job Conflict Summary revisions; view job histories graphically and provide an agenda calendar view for upcoming jobs.
  • Enhanced reporting functionality.
  • Display historical SQL Agent error logs. Only the current log is shown at this time.
  • Ability to export Insight log window to file.
  • Passive scheduled polling / maintenance mode, because some times the DBA wants to monitor without receiving alerts.
  • Ability to export polled data to CSV file.
  • Display log window output in different colors based on metric severity.
  • Static web page view of monitored metrics with auto-refresh option.
  • Table view of the metrics scorecard, with configurable thresholds.
  • Proactive alerting of job execution time if it exceeds a given threshold within Agent Job Monitor.
  • Global pause/maintenance mode for all open Insights.
Do you have a feature that you'd like to see for SQL Agent Insight? If so, use the Contact Us link above and let us know.