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SQL Agent Insight
Version 0.10.5395.0

SQL Agent Insight is a monitoring tool for Microsoft's SQL Server Agent. It operates in the background allowing your DBA to focus on other critical day-to-day operations.

SQL Agent Insight is not a replacement for the native SQL Server Agent scheduler; it is distinguished from the native activity monitor and other products by providing an intuitive interface for determining problem areas across many monitored server instances without the requirement of installing an agent. Have a look at some of the additional features below.

  • Compatible with SQL Server Agent 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and with the latest build, 2014!!

  • Identify job contention with our Job Conflict Summary - Visually see which jobs are conflicting with other scheduled jobs, 3, 5 and 7 days in the future, right down to the second. No other product allows the DBA to see when a job will run in the future and what other potential jobs it will conflict with. All other products show the past, SQL Agent Insight shows the future!
  • Script all jobs for the monitored server at once, making for easier backups and replication to other servers.
  • Quickly and easily see the status of all jobs including start time and the predicted finish time based on average run time. This can assist the DBA in pinpointing problem areas such as long running jobs BEFORE they become a problem.
  • Over 40 monitored SQL Server Agent metrics including Jobs, Schedules, Alerts, Operators, Categories along with Database Mail.
  • Quickly identify jobs and their current execution status using the intuitive Agent Job Monitor. Now you can easily see which jobs are currently executing, which ones have been canceled or have errors, with easily identifiable status colors.
  • Quickly determine key areas within SQL Server Agent that have changed from configured thresholds.
  • Vibrant visual threshold colors for easy insight into problem areas.
  • Monitor multiple SQL Server Agents concurrently.
  • Threshold configuration with options to reuse for future monitoring sessions.
  • Critical threshold logging for later review, including the ability to log job names at the time of polling. Very handy when a DBA is not in front of their monitor and they need to know which jobs were running at a given time in the past.
  • Visual taskbar notifications matching threshold severity along with e-mail alerting of trouble areas.
  • Monitored Servers Summary - a consolidated view when monitoring more than one instance of SQL.
  • Schedule Summary - shows all agent schedules and their associated jobs; helps determine which schedules are not being used.
  • Agentless operation means nothing is installed on your SQL Servers, ever, nor is any tracing done either.
  • No operating system installation required; runs directly from any folder or from a portable USB thumbdrive (provided the system requirements are met).

Unzip and run, no hassles.
SQL Agent Insight does not require installation and nothing is ever installed on the monitored server.

To provide advanced features, SQL Agent Insight requires SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) installed on the client machine, not the monitored server.

Download SMO here, direct from Microsoft.

Check out our System Requirements page for more information.

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