SQL Agent Insight Roadmap

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Below are some upcoming features, tweaks, and fixes that are currently being developed,
along with some exciting future possibilities that would be nice to incorporate into future builds (in no particular order).

Currently Developing  Future Possibilities
  • SQL Agent Log Viewer performance improvements. A top priority for the next build.
  • Insight Log repaint bug. A top priority for the next build.
  • Agent Job Monitor is getting a manual refresh button, instead of having to open the filters pane and clearing filters to do so.
  • Quick Access Pane double-click functionality to bring selected window to the foreground.
  • An indicator within the Thresholds configuration notifying the user that all metrics are in maintenance mode.
  • Additional filter(s) within Agent Job Monitor, such as “Has Job History”.
  • Option to auto-remove log entries from the Insight Log based on user defined time frame.
  • User defined alerting hours per Insight and/or globally.
  • Within an Insight, investigate a clean method of changing a metric’s threshold values on-the-fly without opening the Thresholds window.
  • Job Conflict Outlook option to determine and list all jobs that are scheduled in a user defined time frame.
  • Allow user to specify a time or a time frame within Agent Job Monitor / Job History which will show jobs that were running.
  • The ability to search all jobs on a server for specific text. For example, search job name, description, step name, and step command.
  • Insight Log option(s) to save log to file manually / automatically.
  • Web page interface mimicking the current dashboard.
  • Insight timeline showing the number of alerts and their severity over time.
  • Automatically script all jobs in an instance on a schedule and save to file for backup purposes.
  • Allow SQL Agent Insight to be more than just an information utility; incorporate “active” options interacting directly with SQL agent. For example, cycling error logs, enabling/disabling jobs, putting jobs on-hold, etc.

Please reach out if you have any suggestions on future possibilities that are not already listed.