Applies to: SQL Agent Insight version 0.22 SQL Agent Insight version 0.23


  1. Using the top navigation menu system, hover over SQL Agent Insight (at the top of this page).
  2. Click on Download
  • On the download page, complete the captcha and then click on the Download button to obtain your copy of SQL Agent Insight.


  • Using “File Explorer” navigate to where you saved the SQL Agent Insight downloaded zip file; usually in your Downloads folder.
  • NOTE: Windows may flag the downloaded file and block it from running on your computer. To rectify this issue (before extracting/unzipping), in File Explorer, right-click on the zip file, and on the General tab, click the Unblock checkbox, click Apply / OK to proceed.
  • NOTE: Failing to unblock the zip file will block ALL files in the zip file once extracted (see process below).
    • You would then require to unblock each file individually to prevent execution errors.
    • However, if you wanted to unblock all files after extraction (unzipping) you can run this PowerShell:

dir [path and filename of the extracted zip file] -Recurse | Unblock-File

For example:

dir C:\Users\Me\Downloads\ -Recurse | Unblock-File

Right-click on the downloaded SQL Agent Insight zip file and select “Extract All…”.

  • A new dialog will appear asking for the destination to extract the files. You can “Browse…” to select a new location if desired, but you can leave the defaults and then click the “Extract” button near the bottom. Wait for this to complete, and should take no longer than 10 seconds.
  • If you didn’t unblock the downloaded file post download and have already extracted the contents, see above on how to use PowerShell to recursively unblock the files so they can be used.

Guess what? You just successfully installed SQL Agent Insight! To uninstall SQL Agent Insight just delete the extracted folder. It is that simple.

  • NOTE: Running SQL Agent Insight does not install anything on your system or on the monitored SQL instance.

Running for the first time

  • After extraction, using File Explorer, navigate to the folder that you selected earlier in the extraction dialog (if you happened to close the window). However, if you selected the option “Show extracted files when complete” during the extraction process then a new File Explorer window will open automatically showing the extracted files.
  • In the SQL Agent Insight folder post extraction you should see files similar to the following:
  • Double-click on SQLAgentInsight.exe to run the software.