Applies to:

SQL Agent Insight version 0.22

Insight Maintenance Mode

Maintenance mode allows an Insight to passively monitor a SQL Server instance without firing alarms (i.e. logging them to the dashboard) or sending e-mail notifications (if configured).

Maintenance mode is enabled for an Insight via the following methods:

  • During the connection dialog, prior to opening an Insight.
    • Doing so here will enable maintenance mode for all categories within an Insight.
  • Within the Insight configuration on a per-category basis.
    • Simply navigate to the desired category tab, and toggle the maintenance button, located near the bottom of the tab, on or off as desired.
  • By clicking the TOGGLE MAINTENANCE FOR ALL METRICS button within the Insight configuration.
    • Doing so here will toggle maintenance for all metrics at once, either on or off.
  • On the Insight directly, on a per-category basis.
    • When viewing an Insight in full mode, simply double-click the category name to turn on maintenance for all metrics in that category at once without the need to go into the Insight configuration.

Enabling maintenance mode prior to connecting to the SQL Server instance the first time prevents alarms from firing and logging to the dashboard. Additionally, no e-mail notifications (if configured) will be sent for the Insight.
This is highly recommended the first time one monitors a new SQL Server instance to allow for proper threshold configuration. Individual categories can then be taken out of maintenance as deemed necessary per the Insight configuration dialog once thresholds are configured for each individual environment.

An Insight with all categories in maintenance mode.
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The Insight configuration showing all categories in maintenance.
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