Download SQL Agent Insight 0.21.1909.50

Free and without functionality restrictions.

Unzip and run, no hassles.

SQL Agent Insight does not require installation and nothing is ever installed on the monitored server. New with version 0.20, SQL Agent Insight includes the binaries for Shared Management Objects (SMO), so no additional downloads are required. Brentec is making it easier, just unzip and run, no hassles.Please review the System Requirements page for more information.
SHA256 hash: 83B52ABAD2C4CA9F79DB013B119FA0D38E7F7E0DDF90C027C5BFD02BD064D370
MD5 hash: 3CA76EFABF54B8A1D7E914E309C2DA2E

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Updated: April 16, 2020 – Known issues with this build:
  • Special build 0.21.1909.50 now available which fixes the availability of the proxies page, along with 2 object reference exceptions in the Agent Job Monitor when renaming or deleting a job.
  • Upon losing connectivity to the monitored SQL Server, the Proxy controls and Agent Alerts button (on the Insight) are not disabled. This will be resolved in version 0.22 and does not affect the functionality of this version.
  • Clicking on a column header while viewing Agent Alerts will throw an index-out-of-range exception and may cause instability. This will be resolved in version 0.22.
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