SQL Agent Insight does not require installation, just unzip and run from the folder of your choice, no hassles.
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SHA256 hash: 2C06FDCB408199BB791B0DEC0D80C87D01657DE4430039627F11537160E80B3E

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Updated: March 23, 2021 – Known issues with this build:

  • The value for the metric, MSDB – Last Full Backup (Hours), stays constant at 99999, indicating that there hasn’t been a full backup, which may not be the case for that instance.
    • Workaround – put this category, MSDB, into maintenance so that it doesn’t register as “critical”. Doing so will alleviate any potential alarms and email notifications for this category. Be sure to save your metrics for easier configuration on the next run of SQL Agent Insight.
  • Prior to initializing a new Insight, the overall status of SQL Agent Insight registers as *critical (if not already so), which could cause unnecessary email notifications (if they are configured).
  • The override application name as set in the Configuration is not always used.
  • Jobs starting at midnight and displayed on the Gantt chart do not show the start time and will only show the date.

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