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Interested in knowing what I'm working on or thinking of implementing for the next version of SQL Agent Insight? Read more below.

In Development / Researching


  • N210330-1 : Azure SQL managed instance support
  • N210821-1 : Insight : new job metric showing successful jobs that have failed steps in the history.
  • N210913-1 : UI : implement column chooser for all data grids with a significant number of columns with ability to save layout.

Enhancement / Improvement

  • E210228-3 : convert entire SQL Agent Insight project to .NET 6
  • E210725-1 : Preferences : omit asking to create suspend/resume jobs when opening Job Monitor.
  • E211021-1 : Job Conflict Outlook : rename to Job Conflicts.
  • E211016-1 : UI : update legacy taskbar notification icons.

Future Considerations


  • N210818-1 : Job Monitor : a single instance of Job Monitor that consolidates all jobs from all currently monitored instances.
  • N210111-1 : Preferences : email authentication via OAuth2.
  • N201014-1 : Job History : Gantt chart similar to Job Conflicts but for Job History.
    • user selectable jobs; Gantt chart timeframe based on earliest job history log entry.
  • N181004-1 : Database Mail : purging of database mail items and mail log history.
  • N171010-2 : Job Monitor : copy a job(s) between monitored instances.
  • N190802-1 : Job Monitor : multi-row selection of jobs to perform actions against selected jobs.
  • N200827-2 : Preferences/Insight Config : notification quiet hours/days.
    • implement globally with configuration option to override per Insight.
  • N200822-1 : Insight : open the Job Monitor upon opening the Insight.
  • N210510-1 : Job Monitor : change owner of a job or multiple jobs.
  • N210610-1 : Job Conflicts : a single instance of Job Conflicts that consolidates all jobs from all currently monitored instances.
  • N210706-2 : Job Monitor : additional column, Number of Alerts.
  • N210706-1 : Schedules : new context menu with options, Job properties, Job history, Purge job history.
  • N211020-1 : Insight : logging of heartbeat messages toolbar indicator; blue/green heart icon.
  • N211001-1 : track the last successful monitored date/time of an instance (i.e., when Insight first opens); store within PREVIOUSINSTANCES.XML. Use this information in the Previously Monitored Instances pane.
  • N211018-1 : ability to open the Job Monitor without opening an Insight for monitoring from Connection dialog.

Enhancement / Improvement

  • E200602-2 : Job Monitor : new metrics including, has steps, no history, success rate < 100%, successful job runs with failed job steps, has alerts, has targets, ms-db backup size, ms-db compressed backup size, number of deleted jobs since last poll.
    • number of deleted jobs since last poll would additionally log the names of jobs missing.
  • E210112-1 : Insight Log : row header icons for long running jobs.
  • E170517-1 : Job Conflicts : additional context menu items, job history.
  • E200612-3 : Job History : access job properties.
  • E210103-1 : Insight Log : buttons similar to Log Viewer to filter entries based on severity.
  • E211020-2 : UI : filter pane checkbox consistency (style/colors) to match filter popup dialogs.
  • E211011-2 : Job History : remove CR and LF characters from message text for better appearance.
  • E211011-3 : Suspended / Paused Jobs : ability to resume job(s) from this dialog. (checkbox column ??)
  • E211014-1 : Job Properties : display the Job GUID.
  • E211018-1 : Dashboard : ability to pick filter based on predefined time frames, e.g., past 24 hours, past 8 hours, etc. using a filter pane.

Ready for Next Release

Version 0.24