SQL Agent Insight Change Log

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Version 0.20.1810.01 (released: October 15, 2018)

New Features

  • Agent Job Monitor
    • SQL Agent Insight just got more interactive! The following can now be done on a per-job level by right-clicking on a job:
      • starting a job at a particular step
      • stopping a currently running job
      • deleting a job
      • enabling / disabling a job
      • renaming a job
      • and viewing a job’s properties
  • Agent Operators
    • clicking on the number of notification alerts for a specific operator will now reveal greater detail around the notifications for that operator.
  • Insight
    • Agent Operators dialog appears with filters applied when clicking on individual operator metrics.
    • Agent Alerts dialog appears with filters applied when clicking on individual alert metrics.
    • Database Mail status metric sizing now consistent with other metrics in same category.


  • Dashboard
    • Threshold alerts have been moved to the dashboard instead of its own dialog, keeping the most critical information in a single pain of glass view.
    • Better graphical representations of some statistics.
    • UI consistency enhancements.
  • Configuration
    • Removed the option to show global threshold alerts on startup since they are now incorporated into the dashboard.
  • Job History
    • UI consistency enhancements.
    • Moving the mouse over the bar chart too fast would sometimes select more than one data point, highlighting them both.
  • Insight
    • Tooltip consistency across agent session, alerts, operators, and category metrics.
    • Insight log font changed to a monospaced font for easier reading.
  • Agent Job Monitor
    • Double-clicking on a job name will open the job properties.

Bug Fixes

  • Insight
    • A bug was introduced in version 19 whereby clicking on a metric would bring up the correct form, but none of the filters would be applied. This is resolved in this build.
    • When Agent Job Monitor was opened the search box for the Insight log was inactive. The Insight log search box now works as expected.