Version 0.28.2309.0 (released: September 26, 2023)

New Features / Improvements

  • Project renamed to SQL Agent Insights. A minor change but is more meaningful than previous, indicating that there are numerous insights into your SQL agent instance. With this rename came re-branding of assets.
  • Streamlined Proxy, Alerts, Job Categories and Schedules forms display of additional information via the use of pop up controls.
  • UI visual and consistency enhancements.
  • Database Mail Items body column formatting for multi-line data.
  • Nuget package updates, see Requirements.
  • .NET Framework updated to 4.8.1. See Requirements for list of supported operating systems.
  • Removed reference to X/Twitter in About dialog in favor of Mastodon.
  • Trial license extended to April 30, 2024.

Bug Fixes

  • Some proxies were returning the incorrect number of principals.
  • Regression bug. The Follow and Donation buttons on the About dialog were inadvertently removed.
  • When editing a job, the option to Target Multiple Servers was enabled even though there were no servers listed in the Targets tab.
  • Should polling of an instance take longer than approximately 3 seconds, the status bar busy icon would disappear.
  • The Insight button Copy all Insight metrics to clipboard was still enabled during the collection of data resulting in incomplete data.
  • The Insight button to Save thresholds was still enabled during the collection of data and if used during the collection of data would produce an incomplete thresholds file.
  • System tray notifications would not fire in some scenarios.
  • The New button for Categories, Operators and Schedules was not being displayed properly when a monitored instance would disconnect as a result of a communication issue.