Version 0.26.2209.0 (released: October 4, 2022)

New Features / Improvements

  • Updates to all Nuget packages being used to their latest version at the time. More details on SAI’s requirements page.
  • UI enhancements to control placements for application consistency.
  • Insight Options dialog now closes on ESC (escape) key press.
  • Startup is quicker due to improvement of enumeration of SQL Servers on the network.
  • Docking ability and control improvements.
  • Job Monitor now has a tile bar with key metrics that are clickable to auto-filter the list of jobs.
  • Job Monitor now has a minimum size when in window format.
  • An Insight now has the ability to only collect metric categories that you deem important. Head over to an Insight’s Configuration (gear icon), and go to the Category Polling tab to select/deselect the categories of metrics to gather/omit on the next polling of the instance.
    • This configuration is saved on a per-instance basis so you only need to collect the categories of metrics that are important for that instance.
    • This can reduce data collection times for busier instances.
    • Only monitored metric thresholds are saved when clicking on Save Thresholds.

Bug Fixes

  • Preferences > Notifications: can now tab or click out of the CC field since it is not required.
  • All appropriate toolbar and menu items are disabled upon startup, until all external files are loaded and checks are done.
  • Job Monitor filter icon was not being set correctly is some situations.
  • When Dashboard is tabbed, the context menu from the tray icon to Show Dashboard now brings the application to the foreground. Additionally, when SAI is minimized, clicking on Restore in the tray icon context menu also brings the application to the foreground.