SQL Agent Insights 0.28 release notes

This has been mostly a bug fix release while extending the license out to April of 2024. The biggest thing you will notice (perhaps you won’t) is the re-branding of the product to SQL Agent Insights from SQL Agent Insight. I thought this was more apt for the name since there are multiple insights into your SQL agent instance that one can glean from using the product. It is amazing how many places a product name is referenced. Hopefully I was able to get all of the re-branding done in the product, but I’m sure there are going to be some spots where it was missed, those will come out over time, in the code and on the website. As with every release, enjoy, and if you have any comments/questions, feel free to reach out here.

Below are the changes in SQL Agent Insights release 0.28 (build 0.28.2309.0). Click here to go to the download page for the latest version.

New Features / Improvements

  • Project renamed to SQL Agent Insights. A minor change but is more meaningful than previous, indicating that there are numerous insights into your SQL agent instance. With this rename came re-branding of assets.
  • Streamlined Proxy, Alerts, Job Categories and Schedules forms display of additional information via the use of pop up controls.
  • UI visual and consistency enhancements.
  • Database Mail Items body column formatting for multi-line data.
  • Nuget package updates, see Requirements.
  • .NET Framework updated to 4.8.1. See Requirements for list of supported operating systems.
  • Removed reference to X/Twitter in About dialog in favor of Mastodon.
  • Trial license extended to April 30, 2024.

Bug Fixes

  • Some proxies were returning the incorrect number of principals.
  • Regression bug. The Follow and Donation buttons on the About dialog were inadvertently removed.
  • When editing a job, the option to Target Multiple Servers was enabled even though there were no servers listed in the Targets tab.
  • Should polling of an instance take longer than approximately 3 seconds, the status bar busy icon would disappear.
  • The Insight button Copy all Insight metrics to clipboard was still enabled during the collection of data resulting in incomplete data.
  • The Insight button to Save thresholds was still enabled during the collection of data and if used during the collection of data would produce an incomplete thresholds file.
  • System tray notifications would not fire in some scenarios.
  • The New button for Categories, Operators and Schedules was not being displayed properly when a monitored instance would disconnect as a result of a communication issue.

SQL Agent Insight is the one utility to monitor your entire Microsoft® SQL Server® Agent estate. With over 60 metrics to keep you informed of what is happening on each monitored instance, and with no installation or remote agent required, SQL Agent Insight is the clear choice for your SQL Server® Agent monitoring needs. Download a copy today.

An active Insight for a monitored SQL Server agent instance. Click to enlarge.