Changes in SQL Agent Insight release 0.25

With the release of SQL Agent Insight version 0.25 (and for all future releases), I’ve decided to blog the release notes as a secondary means of tracking the history of features, improvements and bug fixes of the product. Heading over to SQL Agent Insight’s change log page will continue to only capture the changes of the most recent version.

With that out of the way, below are the changes coming to SQL Agent Insight release 0.25 (official build 0.25.2208.0). Click here to go to the download page for the latest version.

New Features / Improvements

    • The Job Monitor window can now toggle between window and tabbed mode with a global preference setting available.
    • As well, the Dashboard window also toggles between a window and tabbed mode, with a global preference setting too.
    • Improved logic within the SQL Agent Job Controller job for better dealing with suspended jobs.
    • Job step output now opens in a distinct window instead of using a popup control.
      • Additionally, this window now has controls to navigate through all job steps without leaving the window, making it easier to traverse jobs with multiple steps.
    • The Dashboard monitored instance pane now shows a tile card instead of a single text line in a table. Dropdown features of each card include the ability to:
      • Filter the alarms pane for only that instance, and,
      • Acknowledge all alarms for only that instance.
    • Job Monitor now has gradient progress bars for the Success Rate column aiding in determining jobs that are not performing as expected over time. The gradient is darker as you approach the 100% upper limit.

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicate entries within the Suspended / Paused jobs form were resolved, but ultimately this form is no longer needed as a filter was created within Job Monitor to show the suspended jobs without opening an additional window.
  • Suspended jobs now use the monitored instance date and time when showing and calculating the resume date and time. Originally the client date and time were used, but this proved inconsistent in some environments whereby time synchronization did or does not take place.
  • If a disabled job was suspended via SQL Agent Insight showing as such, the same job could be enabled on the instance directly via other utilities. Therefore, when the job resumed via SQL Agent Insight, it would put the job back into its original state, in this case disabled, which could be an undesirable result. SQL Agent Insight now checks prior to resuming a job and if it is enabled on the instance, the state is not modified to disabled.
  • When setting a custom resume date and time, the ‘seconds’ portion now shows as 0 (zero), which is consistent with backend formatting of the control property.

SQL Agent Insight is the one utility to monitor your entire Microsoft® SQL Server® Agent estate. With over 60 metrics to keep you informed of what is happening on each monitored instance, and with no installation or remote agent required, SQL Agent Insight is the clear choice for your SQL Server® Agent monitoring needs. Download a copy today.

An active Insight for a monitored SQL Server agent instance. Click to enlarge.
An active Insight for a monitored SQL Server agent instance. Click to enlarge.